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I'm doing an AMA under the username u/Polar_Opposites_Game! (This is kinda my proof)

Nebulex is a space-themed MMO Shooter.

We wanted to launch something new, something that hadn't been done before. Turns out it has be done before, so this game ended up surprisingly like Shattered Horizon.  

Play 5 game modes (Destruction, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Astroball and Meltdown). 

We have a variety of maps, from zero gravity space stations, to traditional in gravity fighting and even a mix of both on the spaceships we've got something for every space nut.

Share the love (and a little bit of the hate)! Join our Discord, it's a great place to find people to play with and also to let us know what you think!

Suggested price is free.


Once the installer is finished running, go to Start Game>Multiplayer

To start a server:

Use the arrows to find the map you want to play, select a game mode. Then type a server name and click Start Server. This will load you into the lobby. In the lobby, click on one of the yellow squares. Step on the white platform with the blue smoke and hit "g". This will load you into the match.

To join a server:

Use the arrows to select the map you want to play. Open servers will show on the right side, click the server to join. Follow the rest of the instructions above.

Basic controls:

Movement with WASD keys and mouse. 

"G" is to use items and reload. 

"U" is knife. 

"Q" and "E" are up/down jetpack. 

Use space to jump in gravity and to stick to things in zero-g.

Left click shoots, right click scopes.

ENTER to activate chat, Enter again to submit.

Esc opens pause menu

"z" is grenade

Scroll and "r" change weapons.

"c" to crouch.

Control opens HUD and Shift sprints.

All of this is confusing. I'm working on it. If you get lost or want someone to play with, find me on the Discord.


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